1M - Amazing Attendance

Friday, 24 January 2020

The marvellous 1M have done it again! Second time of completing their AMAZING ATTENDANCE chart. Well done 1M, Ms McKinnon is super proud of you all. 

Reception - Balance Bikes

Reception have been having fun in the garden, getting used to our brand new balance bikes. The children have been learning to push themselves along on the bikes and balance. They are getting really good at the bikes already.

Year 1 – Computing Unit 1.3

Thursday, 23 January 2020

This half term the children have been learning what the internet is and how people use the internet. They have discussed how using computer devices too often can be bad for us and how we should take time out from technology to do other things. Parents and carers remember it is better to share books at bedtime and maybe reduce the amount of time your child spends using screens before going to bed.

1Q - The Gigantic Turnip

1Q have been using Talk 4 Writing to practise writing stories. 
First we read the story. Then we discussed the sequence of events. After we thought of pictures and actions to help us remember and practise sentences. Finally we wrote it all down. 

Our stories were absolutely fantastic and we had great fun.

Hilldene Minecraft Club Quickbuild Winner

Thank you to everyone that has been voting for Hilldene each week.
We are still number one on the leaderboard, out of all the schools with clubs!

This week's quick build winner is Dominik with his turtle. Congratulations Dominik!

Please continue voting for Hilldene every week at http://www.milittlepad.com

​Thank you for your continued support!

1Q - Jumping and landing safely in PE

In PE this week 1Q have been learning how to jump and land safely. We were practising how to point our knees forward when taking off and then bend our knees when we land.

We had great fun!