Reception - Read Together

Friday, 18 January 2019

Thank You to all the parents who attended our first read together this morning. We had a fantastic amount of parents enjoying sharing a book with their child.

Taking Steps Magazine Launch

Over the past week, last year’s Year 5 JTAs have been leading assemblies in KS1 and KS2 explaining to the rest of the school their role in helping to edit the latest edition of Taking Steps magazine. The theme for this edition was cycling and the magazine is distributed to all schools in Havering, including secondary schools, which means over 20,000 children will receive a copy of this magazine! Among the topics covered by our JTAs in this edition were Bikeability, Bike Polo Club and riding along cycle route Sustrans 136. Well done to our JTAs!

Year 1 - Art

1D were very excited to be artists during our Literacy lesson sketching their chosen vegetable in their new art sketch books. Children asked to have some classical music on to help them concentrate and they wanted this to be shared with the Hilldene community.

Year 3 - Aboriginal Art

Thursday, 17 January 2019

In Art we have been exploring the techniques used in Aboriginal painting. In particular we have looked at the tools they use and how they make paint using natural dyes. Furthermore, we have also examined how the Aborigines express their culture though their art and what makes their work so unique.

Year 6 bake carrot cookies

Wednesday, 16 January 2019

Move over Mary Berry and Jamie Oliver! This week Year 6 have been baking. As part of our topic on World War II, we have been learning about rationing. With sugar and eggs in short supply, carrots were often used to sweeten cakes and biscuits (cookies). We followed a 1940's recipe to make carrot cookies.

Carrots were the home front's secret weapon. The Ministry of Food propaganda machine tried to convince children that carrots on sticks were just as tasty as ice-creams and that eating lots of carrots helped you 'see in the dark' during blackouts. This might not be completely true, but our carrot cookies were fun to make and surprisingly tasty.

Year 5 - African Music

In music Year 5 are looking at African music.
We learnt the history of African music and learnt a dance which told a story of a hunter. We also had the opportunity to use African instruments to a piece of backing music.