Children in Need

Friday, 17 November 2017

Pupils and staff at Hilldene have enjoyed a spotacular day raising money for Children in Need.

Golden Book Winners

This weeks winners are...


RD: Ralph, Isabelle

REO: Star, Kyren

RKD: Siena, Ianis

1S: Max, Mumtaz

1MC: Jessie, Sertan

1F: Danen, Elom

2Q: Daisy, Jack

2P: Richard, Elly-Sue

2SM: Evita, Frankie

Caught being good:

RD: Lola

REO: Jordan

RKD: Scarlett

1S: Rose

1MC: Harrison

1F: Freddie

2Q: Ajani

2P: Evie

2SM: Samiya

Year 5 Bikeability

This week a number of our Year 5 children have taken part in their Level 1 and 2 bikeability training, helping them to keep themselves safe on the road. Some of them have even had the opportunity to try out several of our new Hilldene bikes. The week long course has been a big success, with the children enjoying the challenges that they faced and the instructors being really impressed with their bike handling skills. Well done!

Children in Need - Y1

Today the children in Year One have dressed up in spotted clothes or Pudsy tops and donated £1 for BBC's Children in Need. Well done everyone!

Nursery - Pizza Making

We had had an enjoyable week in Nursery making delicious pizzas.

We spoke about our favourite pizza toppings and described what we were going to add to our pizzas.

Ingredients included cheese, red pepper, onion, mushrooms and sweetcorn.

Then we put our pizzas in the oven to cook.​ The cheese melted and they smelt lovely!

Finally we took our pizzas home to eat.

Children in Need

Thursday, 16 November 2017

Try your luck at winning either Pudsey or Blush, with raffle tickets on sale tomorrow for £1 a strip. All the money raised will go to a worthy cause.

Thank you


RD have paired up with a primary school in Santurtzi, northern Spain, for an online eTwinning project.  We have sent our beloved blue alpaca, Annie, to spend some time in Spain, and our new friends have sent us their parrot, Norton.

We are going to share our adventures via the eTwinning website and will even exchange some cards and gifts through the post, whilst learning all about each others countries.

RD were sad to see Annie go but are very excited for her.  They were also very excited when Norton arrived on Monday.  They have spent the week playing with him and teaching him some English words.  He also helped us to answer the register in Spanish.

The children obviously had a great time making Norton feel welcome as Mrs Dudziec discovered over 200 Norton selfies on the iPad!

Year 6 Music

Wednesday, 15 November 2017

Year 6 music have begun to use the instruments to play chords. They can identify a chord and can count the beats in a bar, as well as identifying different notes. Year 6 can name individual notes on a stave and have been working very well together as a group.