Year 3 - Hyde Hall

Wednesday, 16 May 2018

Year 3 had a fantastic fun filled day at Hyde Hall last week, we were greeted by a host of volunteers that helped and taught us throughout he day.

The day started with a workshop, which taught us about plants we eat and need to make our building materials and clothing.

We learnt that all plants grow from a bulb or seed and got to hear about the process of germination.

The day continued with 4 activities...

Nest building- the children were asked to make a nest using small sticks from around a wooded area, however they could only use their 'peg beak' to pick up the sticks and build, experiencing what it is like for birds in the wild.

The germination game- the children played a game demonstrating how plants are germinated in the wild.

Bookmarks- The children explored the grounds of Hyde Hall, collecting petals, flowers and leaves as they went. They then used these to make a bookmark.

Classroom activities- The children experienced a range of activities in the Hyde Hall classroom such as, exploring the dead table, making rubbings of dried fruits and seeds, making a plant pot from newspaper and plant a seed, making and decorating a helicopter seed and drawing a flower using watercolour pencils.

A great day was had by all and the sun shone brightly.