Golden Book Winners!

Monday, 4 November 2019

Every week, teachers identify 2 outstanding pupils in their class who have had a fantastic week either academically or socially or both! These pupils are entered into the Golden Book and are announced during our Friday morning celebration assembly. Our fabulous winners in the infants receive a
certificate in assembly and parents of the 'golden' children in the juniors receive a letter home, informing parents of their child's fantastic achievement.

Congratulations to our winners:

Reception - Kyla, Hayden, Nicholas, Kacey, Shyla, Stanley
Y1 - Rose, Mia, Justina, Ronnie, Adrian, Ella
Y2 - Daisy, Kyren, Anais, Alfie, Robyn, Ralph
Y3 - Sebastian, Dexter, Keniajhah, Harry, Shah, Tosin
Y4 - Ronnie-Jo, Archie, Abrianna, Alfie, Evita, Wiktor
Y5 - Tolu, Anie, Bobby, Freddie,
Y6 - Ingrid, Mylee, Edem, Harvey, Lovedana, Jimmy