Chess Club at Harold Hill Library

Reception - Maths Workshop

Thank You to all the parents that attended the Maths Workshop. We enjoyed showing you how we learn Maths and solve our subtraction problems.

Year 6 have got the whole world in their hands

To introduce our new topic on Earthquakes and Volcanoes we have been learning about the structure of the Earth. Using different colours of play dough we were able to create 3D models. We sliced our 'Earths' in half and identified the layers: the core, the outer core, the mantle and the crust. The crust is the part that we live on and is split into plates. These plates are known as 'tectonic plates'. We used cocktail sticks to label the different layers to help us remember the new vocabulary.

Golden Book Winners

Monday, 18 February 2019

Every week, teachers identify 2 outstanding pupils in their class who have had a fantastic week either academically or socially or both! These pupils are entered into the Golden Book and are announced during our Friday morning celebration assembly. Our fabulous winners in the infants receive a
certificate in assembly and parents of the 'golden' children in the juniors receive a letter home, informing parents of their child's fantastic achievement.

Congratulations to our winners:

Reception -Albie, Dakota, David, Luke, Dylan, Katie
Y1 - Aden, Leisall, Kayden, Caitlin, Anais, Siena
Y2 -Vilte, Huseyin, Charlie, Shae, Tyler, Rose
Y3 - Lacey, Arther, Taylor, Alex, Daisy, Danny.
Y4 - Simrah, Noah, Issac, Vishali, Harry, Aleesha
Y5 - Loredana, Eva, Rebecca, Marila, Sania, Ellie
Y6 - Maegan, Daisy, Sinem, Mitchel, Shaun, Michael

JTA Interview

On Friday 15th February, our six JTAs joined their counterparts at Hylands Primary School to interview Julia Bradbury by video conference in relation to the upcoming edition of the Taking Steps magazine focusing on walking. Among the subjects discussed were: Julia’s favourite UK walks, her secret passion for chocolate and her current TV series all about Australia.
Look out for the new magazine when it comes out sometime in April.

Nursery - Chinese New Year

Thursday, 14 February 2019

The nursery children have been celebrating Chinese New Year, they have been busy making lucky red envelopes, exploring multi-coloured rice and dressing up in traditional Chinese clothing. They also enjoyed a Chinese feast of noodles, spring rolls and prawn crackers.

Nursery - Traditional Tales

Wednesday, 13 February 2019

The children in the nursery have been learning about traditional tales this half term, we started with 'The Tiger Who Came to Tea'. The children explored using real tea sets, made of china! They were also busy making tiger masks, drawing tiger pictures and making their own sandwiches for when the tiger finally came to visit.