Year 5 - Storytellers

Friday, 24 May 2019

This week in Year 5, we have been creating our own version of an evacuee story. We created our own title, front covers and blurbs to go with them. We then used our Google skills to publish the stories.

Our teachers have been very impressed with how hard we worked over the course of the week. The final step was reading our publications to an audience.

Well done Year 5 for all your hard work!

Golden Book Winners!

Every week, teachers identify 2 outstanding pupils in their class who have had a fantastic week either academically or socially or both! These pupils are entered into the Golden Book and are announced during our Friday morning celebration assembly. Our fabulous winners in the infants receive a
certificate in assembly and parents of the 'golden' children in the juniors receive a letter home, informing parents of their child's fantastic achievement.

Congratulations to our winners:

Reception - Isabella, Lexie, Zaya, Francesco, Katie, Teyan.
Y1 -  Jordan, Harry, Archie, David, Kevin, Poppy.
Y2 -  Muhammed, Holli, Rohnak, Harry, Mumtaz, Riley.
Y3 - Nathan, Lacey, Poppy, Nicole, Reggie, Alfie.
Y4 - Allissa, Stephan, Esme, Jak, Caden, Freddie.
Y5 - Lola, Alisha, Marilia, Maya, Alexander, Summer.
Y6 - Layla, Riley, Holly, Lewis, Ibrahim, Riley M

Year 2 - Spanish

This half term, children in year 2 have been learning parts of the body in Spanish and have also learnt a song. Enjoy watching some of their work and listening to their amazing Spanish song! ​

Year 2 - Outdoor Poetry

We have really enjoyed taking our learning outside this week. We thought about what we could see, hear and smell, in order to write an acrostic poem. During our literacy lesson we discussed using adjectives, conjunctions and alliteration and improved our poems using all of these different skills. We had lots of fun sharing our poems in the beautiful sunshine! 

Year 2 - Following Directions

On Thursday, we took our learning outside and learnt about position and direction. We wrote directions of how to get to different locations around the playground. It was lots of fun testing our instructions and directions. We had lots of fun outside and enjoyed using our navigation skills and using the trial and error method.

1M - Outdoor learning day

As part of “outdoor learning day” 1M enjoyed Ms McKinnon’s favourite story in the secret garden (The day the crayons quit). We took time to sit and reflect on how hard we have been working this half term and look forward to our last half term in Year 1.